Project List

Text based Maze game
A simple and interesting terminal style endless maze game.
Arduino Webcam ( Need Login)
An Arduino based webcam to monitor the cat at home.
Roll A Ball
a simple rolling ball game
a simple top down arcade style shooter.
Based on Unity 3D to build a shooter game.
Survival Shooter
an isometric 3D survival shooter game
Angular JS 2 Designed Web portal for Job Search
This is my Individual project to help people easily find the dream jobs. In the backend, there is a web crawler keep grabing the data from Dice, Indeed and Monster hourly. Search Algorithm is using the full-text search, more accurate and efficient. You don't need go to each website to apply job repeatly. here is the solution, all in one. Give a vote, if you like it. It is still in development phase. Welcome for advice.
Immigration Case Tracker
This page is used to track your case information. Basic idea is querying the offical website periodically. Once your case status got changed, it would pop out an alert immediately